Dukhan Kennel's

Ollie Owned and much Loved by Louise and David. Jan.2010

This is Chypp. He is a wonderful Chocolate Dapple who is still a puppy. Look at that coat. He lives with my good friend Bev.

Beautuful Cody. He is waiting for his new brother to come home Nov.2006

This is IGGY B/T and ODIE Chocolate dapple puppy. They live in Thunder Bay with mom & dad Barry & Darlyne. April 2005

Mikke and Snoop Two Dukhan Baby Boy's. Much loved by Chris, Christine and Jonathan. May 2005

This is Cato another wonderful Red Dapple Boy who is just a year old now. He will be having a new brother soon. Dice a Blue Dapple will be coming to live with him soon.

This is Storm another Chocolate dapple Boy who is still a pup. He lives in Iqaluit but spent this summer in Nova Scotia. Muched loved by Joey and Marsha.

STorm with Marsha. What a spoiled boy.

Darling "Brandy" Much loved by Tia and her family