Dukhan Kennel's

Thank you Gordie for making me this wonderful sign.

Another Reason To Be A Proud Canadian

This Is Dukhan's Lyttle Man AKA "Bubba" Next to my Hubby he is the love of my life

This is " WALDI" Named after the German Book Waldi.He is owned and much loved by my good friend Wiebke. He is still a puppy in this picture.

Gordie makes these wonderful ringside grooming tables. They are made with Cedar and have a non-slip rubber top. They fold up so you can put the against a wall or in a closet. All dog's should be groomed on a table as they behave much better. I also use mine for an extra table for food when we have company. They are $125.00.

Dukhan's Zig Zag Color Wag "AKA" ZIGGY.

K Dachs Powder Dust at Dukhan after winning Best Puppy in Group. Thank you Brittany you are a Great Jr. Handler.